Nordic Labs BPC 157

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In Nordic Labs' dietary supplement, BPC-157 5 mg, a concentrated peptide formula of five milligrams per vial provides potential health benefits. The synthetic peptide, BPC-157, contains 15 amino acids and is clinically proven to provide health benefits.

Inflammation and pain can be effectively reduced when BPC-157 is used to promote damaged tissues' healing. It has been proven effective because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Furthermore, it positively impacts digestive health, protecting against ulcers and other digestive ailments.

Nordic Labs BPC-157 may be a valuable supplement for individuals looking to support their body's natural healing processes and promote overall health and well-being. 


Appearance: White Crystalline Solid

Solvent:  Water soluble 1-2 ml

Solution Colour:  Clear


Never store in sunlight (UVC rays will damage the compound). Long term storage should be frozen. Short term storage refrigerated. Avoid repeated freeze / thaw. Once mixed with water must be refrigerated never frozen.

Mixing Guide:

1ml sterile water = 10 x 0.1ml / 500mcg
2ml sterile water = 20 x 0.1ml / 250mcg
1mg = 1000mcg

* sterile water not included.


This product is not:

- intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease
- a sports supplement
- approved for human application
- an injectable medicine

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