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VST Research Labs RAD 140

VST research is here with the new product RAD140.

Rad140 is one of the most powerful SARMS on the market. It has a powerful anabolic effect on muscles, while also allowing your body to maintain healthy levels of testosterone. This means that users can experience all the muscle growth benefits of RAD without a lot of associated androgenic side effects. It also seems to hold promise in combatting erectile dysfunction and prostate problems caused by hormones like testosterone.

This RAD140 contains 20mg of Testolone per serving ( 2 Capsules) and is ideal if you want to boost your testosterone and make some gains.

** PCT is recommended after a cycle of RAD140.

VST Research Benefits:

  • Fast muscle gains
  • Improved Stamina & Recovery
  • Accelerated Fat Loss

The suggested serving is 2-.3 capsules per day in the morning or before training. Use for 4 weeks and then discontinue for 8 weeks.

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Brand:  VST Research Labs

VST Research Labs RAD 140

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